Apple Music is now available on Samsung’s Smart TVs

Samsung has announced that Apple Music app is now available on its Smart TVs, with users in more than 100 countries around the world now having access to the native music platform of Apple. This is the first time Apple has allowed for the integration of its Music app on a Smart TV platform. Previously, users could only access Apple Music through the Apple TV set-top box.

This means that from now Apple Music subscribers can directly access their Apple Music accounts on their Samsung Smart TVs. They can also play any one of more than 60 million songs and music videos on Apple’s music platform. The experience seems to be the same as the Apple Music app in Apple TV set-top boxes, with live streams available and customizable daily recommendations.

This isn’t the first time that Apple and Samsung – fierce rivals in the mobile scene – have cooperated on an integrated solution. Last year, Samsung became the first TV brand to feature support for the Apple TV app. Brodsky said that the cooperation was instrumental in offering a various range of entertainment.

Previously, if Apple Music subscribers wanted to play music on a Samsung Smart TV without using an Apple TV set-top box, they would have had to stream the music over AirPlay 2. The new announcement from Samsung means that now they can stream Apple Music from Samsung Smart TVs without using an iPhone or Apple device.

To install the Apple Music app on Samsung Smart TV, users need to go to the Samsung Smart TV App Store and download the app. When completed, enter your Apple ID details into the app. If you haven’t had an account with Apple Music, you can sign up a new account with a three month trial period for free.

However, support for the app of Apple is only available on Samsung Smart TVs released from 2018 to 2020.