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Be Careful with Your Smart TV

That is the reminder of The Verge page for Smart TV lovers. A smart TV has extremely complicated software inside, making it difficult for users to control it. This is a gap for manufacturers to profit through the information they gain from users.

Today, the basic TV series have become obsolete and unpopular products. But have you ever wondered why the manufacturer is so eager to sell us products with a variety of complex software that comes with those confusing functions? All for profit! The Verge news page confirmed.

Nowadays, Smart TV has become very popular and is also the main choice of users when shopping. The news website The Verge quoted Vizio representative as explaining to them why this product developed so rapidly. According to the company, basic TVs only function as a display screen of programs, without specific software like smart TVs. So sell a TV for you. But with Smart TV, through software pre-installed by the manufacturer, they become tools to generate advertising money whenever we hire or buy something through those TVs. And this is a new business model that helps TV makers earn significantly more profit than selling traditional hardware.

Along with that, every program we watch is carefully recorded by Smart TVs. Now, smart TVs always have a feature called Automatic Content Recognition (ACR). Whatever type of content is on the screen, even if you transfer from a peripheral device to an HDMI port, the Smart TV will also collect pixels to send them to the manufacturer’s server. Accordingly, the company’s server will classify them as any movie or television program. At the same time, the company also knows what kind of program is playing on TV, how much time is. They will probably use the data collected from users to sell to advertising and marketing units to benefit. They don’t care how you watch it, using a cable or an external player, stream Netflix or any other video-watching application, as long as you see what your TV screen is playing, they are all recording.

Devices for Playing Games on Smart TV

Let’s find out the accompanying elements and accessories to play good games on smart TV through this article!

Often the prerequisite to help TVs run well on games is the TV’s internal hardware configuration. However, to play the game, it is necessary to have enough configuration to meet the game.

First of all, the CPU is responsible for processing the game, processing the input of control devices while playing. Therefore, the CPU should have two or more cores.

Secondly, GPU is a very important part so it also needs to have two or more. It is responsible for processing the images in the game and then putting them on the display. The higher the GPU, the faster the processing speed as well as the image output.

Third, Ram is the buffer memory of the TV, the more RAM memory, the less likely the TV will be lagged, limiting the exit status of the game during play. RAM should be 1GB or more.

Fourthly, the higher the operating system version will often be equipped with new technologies to help TV process smarter as well as support more compatible applications. The operating system should be Android version 4.4 and above.

Finally, about internal memory. The larger the capacity, the more applications and games will be installed on the TV. You should choose 2 GB or more.

To play games, no one wants to control by Remote with TV due to the inconvenience. Because of that, think about the following specialized accessories for gaming.

The gaming console is designed with separate control function keys dedicated to gaming. It helps users to easily manipulate gaming on their TV in a more professional way. In addition, the keyboard and mouse make it easier than ever to control the game on the smart TV.

Besides, you should limit the opening of many applications running at the same time on the TV because the RAM memory on the TV is quite low. Therefore, opening multiple applications while playing the game causes the memory to overflow causing a phenomenon of being exited while playing.

Instructions for Choosing the Right and Proper TV

At the present time, although smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular, however, not so that TVs reduce their importance. Whether in any period, owning a television is always an urgent need of every family, regardless of whether the family lives in rural or urban areas. However, in the face of numerous technologies and types of TVs currently available, how can we choose to buy the most suitable product? This article below will help you find the answer to that question.

Before delving into the necessary features and specifications of a TV, the first thing that users need to consider is to identify the type of TV they need to own. More specifically, there are TV groups with different uses depending on the purpose and needs of each family.
So what’s the difference between Ultra HD TVs, 3D TVs, Smart TVs and TVs with LED screens? Where is TV technology considered the most optimal? Let’s learn more about these types of TVs together.

LED TVs are often the general way of calling TVs using conventional image display technology. The main difference between them and other types of TVs mentioned above is that they will not be integrated with new technologies such as Smart TV or Internet TV.

These TVs will only perform a single function of displaying images provided by different types of antennas or transmitters. Of course, along with the features that are provided to a minimum, TV models classified in this category also have much cheaper prices than other high-end TVs.

Smart TVs are a popular method of smart TVs with high compatibility with service platforms provided on the internet. Simply put, these TVs will function similarly to a smart laptop or mobile phone that you still use every day. Instead of just watching TV, users can now surf the web, watch youtube, access Facebook or run other applications installed on them.

3, TV 3D
Besides the Smart TV, another category of TVs also appeared and attracted a lot of attention in the near future, which are 3D TVs. This is a device that supports the ability to display images in 3D, instead of just normal 2D forms like traditional TV types.

Of course, to be able to watch movies or TV shows in 3D, besides a 3D TV, users will need to have the support of a 3D glasses with standard sources.


Ultra HD TVs or ultra-high-definition TVs are the common name for the product line with display screens with resolutions up to 4K. This also means, Ultra HD TVs will have a resolution four times larger than those of Full HD TVs that have gradually become popular. Resolution is also a distinguishing feature between Ultra HD TVs compared to conventional TVs.

Pros And Cons of Curved Screen Televisions

A curved screen TV is the favorite of many users today. So the curved TV is really perfect or not? If you are planning to buy, consider the following factors.

1. One point of curved TV screen:
– Elegant design and impressive: The first attraction of a curved screen TV, it is a unique “look” and fancy. Placed in a modern living room, it is a real highlight. Many users choose to buy curved televisions for this reason.


– Feeling like it’s bigger than it looks: An interesting point is that due to the curved design of the screen, so when you sit on the TV in the main position will feel the image space is wider than a flat-screen TV with an inch number.

– Image depth: The main design bend screen has made us look at the TV feel more multidimensional and real than a flat screen.

– If you sit at the front of the TV, the image will be sharp and have good contrast from all angles: This advantage is also from the curved screen characteristics, so the distance from your eyes to any location. On the screen is consistent and therefore the image quality of the TV will always be maintained on every pixel and every direction.

2.The disadvantage of curved TVs

– Picture is only the best when you sit face: As the article above, the great advantage of the curved screen only when you sit on. This also means that if you sit at an angle, the picture quality is no longer guaranteed. If your family has a lot of members, not everyone can sit in the direction of the television to see, the other members experience the image is not really much different than the flat panel.

– Easy to reflect light: The curvature of the television screen will distort and exaggerate the brightness and then spread over the TV, affecting the quality of the image when watching. Therefore, curved screen TVs are not suitable for placing in too much light space, near windows, rooms with many metal objects are easy to shine …

– Not suitable for hanging wall: With flat screen TV, you just straighten the TV to the wall, fit easily and easily. Meanwhile, the wall hanging curved screen always creates a space between the TV and the wall, when looking horizontal will not be very aesthetic. In addition, due to the curvature of the TV, it is inconvenient and time-consuming to use wall-mounted flat-screen TVs.

Types of Smart TV for A Mordern Life

Smart devices like Android TV box, Smart television or Internet TV is the generic term that many people confuse them with each other and not be clearly distinguished. This article will clarify the specific role of these equipment.

Concept devices:
Smart TV is probably too familiar device with the user can understand the vomiting almost like a smartphone with a large image to experience the application. It can be said that this is the smart device that turns your TV’s access to many different applications.

The Android TV box– as its name- is a TV shredder that aims to make all the TVs, including older TVs, smarter, into a wide variety of applications. This is a device that helps your TV connected to the network and access more than 200 domestic and international channels.

Internet TV is also a TV that can connect to the network, can watch some applications available with limited memory, limited number of channels and TV applications. Internet TV consists of two types, the basic internet, which has only some applications that are not available for download.

Similarities between Android TV box, Smart TV and Internet TV
These three devices can connect to the internet to make the TV more modern and accessible to different applications. Depending on the type of application, the number of applications and the speed of access varies.

Their differences
Android box is a separate device to support TVs network access and applications, activities and separately purchased when the Smart TV and Internet TV is to be plugged and used directly with direct network connection. If you put these three devices on the balance sheet, it looks like the Android box and Smart TV is much more intelligent than the Internet TV in terms of the number of applications access, processing speed and usage level of the user. However, the purchase prices of these products also have the corresponding difference.

Older people and young children, they prefer to use Internet TV because it is easier to use, and more comfortable with the simple interface of this device, but for tech connoisseurs or want to learn how to use it. The new Android smartphone and smart TV seem more to experience all the latest features today.

Picking the Right Size and Resolution for Your Smart TV

The first thing you have to do when picking the right size and resolution for your Smart TV is choose the size that you want. You have to see the size of the room the TV will be in and if it will have enough space for the size it as well as how close to the TV that you will be sitting. It really does not make sense to purchase a bigger smart TV when you will be sitting close to it or buying a smaller one when you will be sitting further away. Also, check out the size of the TV in terms of other things on the wall around it like pictures, as you do not want that wall to look cluttered.

The thinness of smart TV’s is coming more into the picture these days. There are higher prices for the new smart TV’s, and one of the reasons is that they are thinner. You only need a very thin TV if you want to mount it to the wall. If you do not plan to do this than a TV that may have more depth may be the right choice, as it will not only likely be less expensive, but it can make it more stable.

When you pick the size of your smart TV, it really depends on your tastes and the area of your living space you want to place it. One way that you can really get a good measure on how the TV will look is to find the size and then using the dimensions make a cardboard cutout. Then place it on the wall or wherever you want to put it to see how it may fit. Many times, the bigger the TV, the better it can be, but also the bigger TV’s can be more expensive as well.


When it comes to the resolution of your TV 4K, Ultra HD, is something that you should definitely have. However, if you are looking into buying a smaller TV, 40 or fewer inches, than an older model with HD can do the trick, and on top of that, you will save quite a bit of money. Also, the resolution on a smaller model TV is not very noticeable and may not be worth the price. In terms of the bigger TV’s 8K ones are not far off, but that will be for very large TV’s so getting a 4K is the best option to take for your viewing pleasure.

Inputs are Key

You also need to see how many and what types of inputs you will need for your smart TV, as you want to make sure you have the inputs for your devices and cables you will be using. Also, check the specs on the HDMI is key, and you can generally find this information in the TV’s manual as well as online. HDMI 1.4 has limits of 4K 30 frames per second. For 60fps 4K you will have to have 2.0 or higher HDMI, and in order to get total HDR support, you will need HDMI 2.0a or later.

Things Your Smart TV Can Do

Many times, people buy a smart TV since they are the newer ones on the market, but they do not know what the things your Smart TV can so. A smart TV is a combination of a computer and TV, and there are many things that it can offer you. Here are some you may not be aware of.

Live Feed Streaming

Live feeds can be some of the best videos on the Net these days, as you can see many things live as they happen such as a storm or the people traffic in Times Square in New York City. For smart TV’s that are compatible Ustream is a great application to have to stream videos live and for free as well. This app allows you to watch a lot of live videos from the around the world and it will not cost you a dime. There is also the Earthlapse app for Apple TV users, which allows users to check out views of the planet earth that are first hand from the International Space Station. From sporting events to live events around the world, live streaming is the way to watch them on your smart TV.

Browsing the Web

Obviously, your smart TV will have a bigger screen than your desktop computer and laptop, which is why it is popular for people to use an HDMI cable in order to browse the web. Hooking up this cable from your computer to your smart TV will allow you web browsing mirroring what your computer does but on your TV. Just look for the HDMI area on the smart TV using the remote control and then simply hook up the cable from TV to computer. There are a lot of smart TV’s on the market today that also has a built-in web browser to cruise the Internet, and there is no cable required. The connection time is quicker on a smaller computer, but you still are browsing on a much bigger screen.

No Need for Console

You can play video games using a smart TV, and you do not even need a console. There are games that you can download through apps directly onto a smart TV. No gaming console is needed and while you need to make adjustments, especially for more complex games, but you can play the games and not only that, again, the gaming action may be better with a bigger screen. There are also special streaming game services such as PlayStation Now, which can give the best gaming experience when using a smart TV.

The Rise of Social Media

Social media is HUGE these days whether it is Facebook or Twitter and the feeds are addictive for many people. Most of the major brands of smart TV’s now have applications specifically dedicated for social media platforms. This is especially the case for the bigger ones mentioned of Facebook and Twitter.
A few of the other things that you can do on your smart TV that you may not be aware of are using the many fitness options, always being on top of the weather, and listening to live FM radio feeds from around the world.

5 Important Elements to Consider when Buying a Smart TV

5 Important Elements to Consider when Buying a Smart TV

Buying a new TV is not one of the easiest things you can do. There are so many manufacturers and brands out there, all with varying price tags. The salespeople don’t make the experience any easier as they use alien-sounding terminologies and hyperbolic claims explaining the graphics quality. These facts may push you to seek information from the internet. Unfortunately, you will get conflicting facts and opinions and other meaningless jargon that will make your research even worse.

The process of buying a new smart TV raises a lot of questions as you try to compare the features of different brands. All the information gathered can easily result in purchasing a television that is technologically inferior. However, all is not lost and you don’t need to give up looking for the most appropriate TV. Considering the following factors will help you purchase the right smart TV without compromising quality or your budget.

The Preferred Mode of Display

When it comes to displaying mode, you have three options to choose from; Plasma, LCD, and LED. For a long time, Plasma TV’s were considered the best performers in terms of color output and superiority of dark levels. Nowadays that is no longer the case as the latest LED’s feature advanced panels that help produce brighter and clearer pictures than the blacks. However, if you want a basic upgrade for your TV, you can buy an LCD but if it’s a major one, then the plasma will do. LED on the other hand is the best choice if you want to strike a balance between visual output and looks.

Quality of the Graphics

Picture quality is the most significant features that every buyer should consider when buying a TV. When buying, you need to imagine how the pictures will display after considering factors such as black levels, frame rate, color output, input lag when gaming through a console, and color gloss.

HD or 3D Smart TV?

Buying a TV is an investment and you want to make sure your investment remains trendy for long. There are some people who consider the 3D layer in TV’s as an expensive whatsit while others see it as a necessary add-on. The truth is, 3D layer gives you a better viewing plus it will reach a point in future when most smart TVs will include this feature.

Cost and After Sales Service

Before buying a smart TV, make sure you compare price tags of different brands and their qualities. Analyze different deals and the after-sales benefits associated with each deal. Also, visit consumer forums and compare customer services of various manufacturers. There is nothing more irritating than getting an issue with your brand new TV but the manufacturer is out of reach to offer assistance.

Features of Smart TV

If your only interest is viewing TV, then a basic HDTV might do. However, a smart TV has additional features that make it more interesting. It comes with Smart Share, Wi-Fi, DLNA, and Wi-Di. In addition, you can make it the central connection point for many gadgets within your home.

While there so many other factors that you can consider when purchasing a TV, the above five matter the most. There are some people who will want to buy a big screen, but it meaningless if it has terrible graphics display. The other features are a matter of preference.