Devices for Playing Games on Smart TV

Let’s find out the accompanying elements and accessories to play good games on smart TV through this article!

Often the prerequisite to help TVs run well on games is the TV’s internal hardware configuration. However, to play the game, it is necessary to have enough configuration to meet the game.

First of all, the CPU is responsible for processing the game, processing the input of control devices while playing. Therefore, the CPU should have two or more cores.

Secondly, GPU is a very important part so it also needs to have two or more. It is responsible for processing the images in the game and then putting them on the display. The higher the GPU, the faster the processing speed as well as the image output.

Third, Ram is the buffer memory of the TV, the more RAM memory, the less likely the TV will be lagged, limiting the exit status of the game during play. RAM should be 1GB or more.

Fourthly, the higher the operating system version will often be equipped with new technologies to help TV process smarter as well as support more compatible applications. The operating system should be Android version 4.4 and above.

Finally, about internal memory. The larger the capacity, the more applications and games will be installed on the TV. You should choose 2 GB or more.

To play games, no one wants to control by Remote with TV due to the inconvenience. Because of that, think about the following specialized accessories for gaming.

The gaming console is designed with separate control function keys dedicated to gaming. It helps users to easily manipulate gaming on their TV in a more professional way. In addition, the keyboard and mouse make it easier than ever to control the game on the smart TV.

Besides, you should limit the opening of many applications running at the same time on the TV because the RAM memory on the TV is quite low. Therefore, opening multiple applications while playing the game causes the memory to overflow causing a phenomenon of being exited while playing.

Why Television Color Is Important?

Different types of TVs show different colors.

In fact, the ‘color’ displayed is always an important factor to consider when deciding to buy a TV.

Usually, real scene colors when viewed with the eyes will often change when switching to the TV screen. The reason is that in the process of putting each video clip into the screen, the video signal is compressed, resulting in incomplete data. In order to help the screen image be as realistic as possible, we studied what data was lost and tried to reproduce the color as accurately as possible.
In fact, it is difficult to accurately recover the data color when converting video signal into final image.
This is a factor that can make a big difference in overall image quality.

Colors play an extremely important role for movies, 4K content and other content. Every day, when watching TV, you may not notice this. However, if there are more scenes with more vivid colors, the difference may be very obvious. Beautiful colors give rise to deep emotions.


In films, colors are edited by a color-processing expert, in order to reproduce the director’s intention to convey through the film. Colors play an important role in the film’s message to convey the meaning and spirit of the film. At the cinema, colors have shown that. But now, even if you’re comfortable in your own home, you can enjoy the movie to the fullest if the color is exactly the same as the director’s point of view. This allows people to enjoy the movie as desired.


4K technology gives us true images and emphasis on every detail. Therefore, if the color is reproduced as accurately as possible, the image is more realistic. 4K video signals not only have a higher resolution but also a wider color gamut. In order to display the most stunningly beautiful 4K image, the screen needs to be able to handle this color gamut and integrate a sophisticated enough processor to use the full screen power.

Built-in sophisticated processor for full screen use.

Natural scene

The lush green tropical forest stretches endlessly, the fiery red of the desert sunset, the colorful fishes under the ocean … To show the beautiful colors of the vast natural world, need There must be a wider color gamut than conventional processing technology. If you often view materials that record beauty in our natural world, we recommend you pay attention to the TV’s color reproduction ability.


In football matches, there is a strong contrast between the bright green grass and the players’ outstanding shirts, so the ability to display colors is really an important factor in processing technology. image. If your TV produces subtle colors, even a match viewed at home can become an emotional and memorable experience.

Therefore, when deciding to buy a TV, it is important to choose the product that has excellent color reproduction ability

Basic Connections When Installing a Home Theater System

How to own a perfect home theater system? In order to do this, you must prepare the appropriate and varied connection ports. Here are some basic connections you need to consider if you want to install a home theater system.

Connections to consider when buying a home theater system are HDMI, USB, MHL and other wireless connections that are integrated by manufacturers.

First of all, HDMI is often the most important connection port to pay attention to when selecting a home theater. Normally for systems that support Blu-ray standard, there will be at least 1 HDMI port and 1 output port for TV. However, users should select sound systems with 2 or more HDMI ports.

Through the USB connection, users can play music and images. Some systems support reading HD movie formats such as AVCHD, DIVX, WMV and MKV from external hard drives via USB. Some formats compress music from CDs into MP3 files and copy directly to storage devices via USB port.

Current audio-visual devices also need to add another connection standard, MHL (Mobile High Definition Link). This connection standard helps to transmit sound and images from a device that emits an external monitor.

Many home theater systems also include wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi connectivity depending on price range. The advantage of this connection is that users can access the content stored in computers connected to the same network without the need to invest in discrete HD playback devices.

Not only that, without getting too many wires, users can choose the staging units using wireless speakers and wireless subwoofer. However, there are also many experts that the quality of these connected devices cannot be compared with those of traditional speaker wiring.

If you carefully prepare all of the above basic connection ports, enjoying your home theater movies will be much more convenient.

Choose To Buy The Right Type of ‘Home Theater’

It’s time we don’t need to go to the cinema and can enjoy cinematic productions with spectacular space and lively surround sound systems with family members by taking a set home immediately ” Home Theater “.

A standard “home theater” will usually include: 2 side speakers (front), 2 surround speakers, 1 center speaker (center) and 1 subwoofer for system 5.1, or customizable and extends into 7.1 with 4 surround speakers.

If you have decided to go home with Home Theater, you should choose to buy the “set” speaker with the same manufacturer to minimize the effort to coordinate, refine the parameters, to optimize the synchronization of tones between Speaker in the system and maximize the effect of movies and music.

Customize options with space
In the living room / entertainment room with large space, we can use column speakers, in small rooms can use wallshelf speakers. As for the family living room of less than 30m2, the most suitable option for you is the type of loudspeaker with aesthetic design, easily placed anywhere at the “sweet” point of the sound without being too stunned. must drill the wall to hang up.


According to the practical experience of experts, the paper film speaker will give smooth but poorly detailed sound, the metal film speaker will reproduce the sharp sound, the ceramic screen will give very good and balanced sound, often Used in high-end speaker lines. Therefore, the choice of speakers made of any material is very important, depending on the need to enjoy, the musical taste of each person, however, for the purpose of using for home entertainment, you should choose I have a kind of sound that is detailed, accurate, clear, high dynamic.
Equipping yourself with the basic knowledge will help you confidently “pick up home” a “home theater” completely worthy of the budget and effort the homeowners have spent and bring the experience ” audiovisual “perfect for all family members.

Instructions for Choosing the Right and Proper TV

At the present time, although smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular, however, not so that TVs reduce their importance. Whether in any period, owning a television is always an urgent need of every family, regardless of whether the family lives in rural or urban areas. However, in the face of numerous technologies and types of TVs currently available, how can we choose to buy the most suitable product? This article below will help you find the answer to that question.

Before delving into the necessary features and specifications of a TV, the first thing that users need to consider is to identify the type of TV they need to own. More specifically, there are TV groups with different uses depending on the purpose and needs of each family.
So what’s the difference between Ultra HD TVs, 3D TVs, Smart TVs and TVs with LED screens? Where is TV technology considered the most optimal? Let’s learn more about these types of TVs together.

LED TVs are often the general way of calling TVs using conventional image display technology. The main difference between them and other types of TVs mentioned above is that they will not be integrated with new technologies such as Smart TV or Internet TV.

These TVs will only perform a single function of displaying images provided by different types of antennas or transmitters. Of course, along with the features that are provided to a minimum, TV models classified in this category also have much cheaper prices than other high-end TVs.

Smart TVs are a popular method of smart TVs with high compatibility with service platforms provided on the internet. Simply put, these TVs will function similarly to a smart laptop or mobile phone that you still use every day. Instead of just watching TV, users can now surf the web, watch youtube, access Facebook or run other applications installed on them.

3, TV 3D
Besides the Smart TV, another category of TVs also appeared and attracted a lot of attention in the near future, which are 3D TVs. This is a device that supports the ability to display images in 3D, instead of just normal 2D forms like traditional TV types.

Of course, to be able to watch movies or TV shows in 3D, besides a 3D TV, users will need to have the support of a 3D glasses with standard sources.


Ultra HD TVs or ultra-high-definition TVs are the common name for the product line with display screens with resolutions up to 4K. This also means, Ultra HD TVs will have a resolution four times larger than those of Full HD TVs that have gradually become popular. Resolution is also a distinguishing feature between Ultra HD TVs compared to conventional TVs.

Pros And Cons of Curved Screen Televisions

A curved screen TV is the favorite of many users today. So the curved TV is really perfect or not? If you are planning to buy, consider the following factors.

1. One point of curved TV screen:
– Elegant design and impressive: The first attraction of a curved screen TV, it is a unique “look” and fancy. Placed in a modern living room, it is a real highlight. Many users choose to buy curved televisions for this reason.


– Feeling like it’s bigger than it looks: An interesting point is that due to the curved design of the screen, so when you sit on the TV in the main position will feel the image space is wider than a flat-screen TV with an inch number.

– Image depth: The main design bend screen has made us look at the TV feel more multidimensional and real than a flat screen.

– If you sit at the front of the TV, the image will be sharp and have good contrast from all angles: This advantage is also from the curved screen characteristics, so the distance from your eyes to any location. On the screen is consistent and therefore the image quality of the TV will always be maintained on every pixel and every direction.

2.The disadvantage of curved TVs

– Picture is only the best when you sit face: As the article above, the great advantage of the curved screen only when you sit on. This also means that if you sit at an angle, the picture quality is no longer guaranteed. If your family has a lot of members, not everyone can sit in the direction of the television to see, the other members experience the image is not really much different than the flat panel.

– Easy to reflect light: The curvature of the television screen will distort and exaggerate the brightness and then spread over the TV, affecting the quality of the image when watching. Therefore, curved screen TVs are not suitable for placing in too much light space, near windows, rooms with many metal objects are easy to shine …

– Not suitable for hanging wall: With flat screen TV, you just straighten the TV to the wall, fit easily and easily. Meanwhile, the wall hanging curved screen always creates a space between the TV and the wall, when looking horizontal will not be very aesthetic. In addition, due to the curvature of the TV, it is inconvenient and time-consuming to use wall-mounted flat-screen TVs.

Types of Smart TV for A Mordern Life

Smart devices like Android TV box, Smart television or Internet TV is the generic term that many people confuse them with each other and not be clearly distinguished. This article will clarify the specific role of these equipment.

Concept devices:
Smart TV is probably too familiar device with the user can understand the vomiting almost like a smartphone with a large image to experience the application. It can be said that this is the smart device that turns your TV’s access to many different applications.

The Android TV box– as its name- is a TV shredder that aims to make all the TVs, including older TVs, smarter, into a wide variety of applications. This is a device that helps your TV connected to the network and access more than 200 domestic and international channels.

Internet TV is also a TV that can connect to the network, can watch some applications available with limited memory, limited number of channels and TV applications. Internet TV consists of two types, the basic internet, which has only some applications that are not available for download.

Similarities between Android TV box, Smart TV and Internet TV
These three devices can connect to the internet to make the TV more modern and accessible to different applications. Depending on the type of application, the number of applications and the speed of access varies.

Their differences
Android box is a separate device to support TVs network access and applications, activities and separately purchased when the Smart TV and Internet TV is to be plugged and used directly with direct network connection. If you put these three devices on the balance sheet, it looks like the Android box and Smart TV is much more intelligent than the Internet TV in terms of the number of applications access, processing speed and usage level of the user. However, the purchase prices of these products also have the corresponding difference.

Older people and young children, they prefer to use Internet TV because it is easier to use, and more comfortable with the simple interface of this device, but for tech connoisseurs or want to learn how to use it. The new Android smartphone and smart TV seem more to experience all the latest features today.

Best Gaming Laptops for 2018

Thanks to their sensational audio, gorgeous displays, and powerful graphics, gaming laptops offer an immersive experience that you can take just about anywhere. Most of them even offer VR headsets, desktop-quality keyboards, and stylish designs. However, which of them provide the best overall experience? Below, you will find the best gaming laptops for 2018 that you can purchase right now.

Alienware 17 R5

The new Alienware 17 R5 comes with unbelievable raw gaming performance along with a massive 17-inch screen that is built inside a gorgeous intergalactic chassis. The latest flagship laptop from Alienware also boasts with customizable lighting zones and loader speakers with quieter fans. Players will also appreciate the 3840 x 2160 display and will be able to pick between Nvidia 1080, 1070, or 1060 graphics options, making this one of the most powerful gaming laptops currently available.

Dell G7 15 Gaming

Dell has produced a moderately powerful and ultra-stylish gaming laptop that you can pick up for under $1,000. Incorporating head-turning colours with a sophisticated and sleek design, the new G7 15 laptop from Dell comes fitted with a Core i7 processor along with a Nvidia 1060 graphics card that is sure to satisfy even the most avid gamer out there. It weighs a mere 6.3 pounds and provides 1TB in storage.

Asus ROG GU501

The new Asus ROG GU501 gets a lot of things right. It provides amazing sound quality and allows players to enjoy an assortment of AAA games without any issues. Equipped with a Nvidia 1060 graphics card, this gaming notebook will provide remarkable midlevel performance on maxed out settings. With a Core i7 processor, it’s also quite impressive in terms of multitasking, making it ideal for gaming and work.

Asus ROG Strix Hero II

This is the perfect choice when it comes to gaming. The new ROG Strix II from Asus comes with some impressive specs which includes a Nvidia 1060 graphics card along with an 8th gen i7 processor. This means you won’t have any issues playing the latest AAA games on the highest settings possible. It also comes equipped with 144-hetzh panel and captivating speakers to ensure the game sounds as great as it looks. You will also get a multi-coloured keyboard that you can customise in any colour of your choosing.

HP Omen 17

If you are looking for something unique and different, then the new HP Omen 17 is the one for you. With a futuristic look, the gaming laptop comes with a Nvidia GTX 1070 along with an i7 processor and a lightning fast SSD. You’ll also be treated to a 4K display and a pair of incredible speakers to bring any game to life. It’s also extremely easy to upgrade this laptop’s RAM which can take up to 32GB along with a 1TB hard drive.

Acer Nitro 5 Spin

The new Acer Nitro 5 Spin will provide tons of flexibility along with loads of multitasking power. It comes fitted with a Nvidia 1050 which means it will offer excellent frame rates while you’re gaming throughout the night, but not on maximum settings as the laptops we included above. It also comes with a 256GB SSD and only weighs a mere 4.9 pounds.

Brilliant Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Available in 2018

Portable speakers are easy to carry, great for travelling, perfect for spending time outdoors, keeping a picnic fun and even for listening to great music in the pool or around the house. The multi-purpose speaker enables you to listen to audiobooks, music and with the wireless or Bluetooth enabled with devices such as your laptop or phone you have access to all your playlists. Like with most electronics there are a few crucial factors to consider before buying one of the handy speakers.

What Matters When Buying a Multi-Purpose Portable Speaker

What makes them a great gift or asset is their versatility, they light to carry, and if it is quality you’re after then it could be the Sonos you need, while other factors that counts are battery life, waterproofing, and voice control, besides obviously the price.

The UE Boom 2 is an Affordable Option at £99

Offering 360-degree sound, the larger (UE) Ultimate Ears speakers, offer enhanced battery life when it is compared to the UE Roll. Designed to cater for all your music need the seven inches tall portable speaker is conveniently small plus it is water resistance as well as drop proofing so it is as perfect as any holiday companion could be. What is even more impressive is the 15 hours of listening after only a charge of two-and-a-half hours. It can be paired with a maximum of eight devices, two simultaneously via Bluetooth should you wish to collaborate on your playlists.

The UE Boom 2 is a premier option for sounds brilliance and it’s the best value for money when your spending budget is under £100.

Sumvision Psych Monic, Novatech, £36.98

In its price class, the Sumvision Psyc Monic speaker is a mighty powerful option, it delivers good audio quality, is small in size and even though it is a little heavy it still offers portability. It is a great looking multi-purpose speaker finished in brushed aluminium and with the subwoofer powered by 10-watt drivers, it stands out from the rest of the lower-cost speakers. The Bluetooth speaker offers quite impressive play of up to seven hours and for under £40 you will find it challenging to beat it.

Dali Katch Credit Bluetooth Speaker

When it is quality that counts most and you have the budget or save over £300 then you in for a treat as the Dali Katch Credit Bluetooth speaker is the one that is unbeatable. It is on the wish list of every music lover. Its sound is incredible and the feel and look is simply remarkable, it brings luxury to your ears via its delivery of epic sound boost by two 21 mm tweeters. While it also has 9cm woofer which is both front and rear facing, while it is smart designed for both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. 24 hour battery life is what you get when you buy the best on the top-selling list and to make it even more attractive it is available in three different shades.

Sony XBR-65X900F Review

Sony has a history of proving their abilities to make highly functional and appealing piece of technology over the last few years. From the company’s camera series that’s being popularised among photographers to their luxurious LCD HD televisions that are known to be live with the colours of the screen. The Sony XBR-65X900F is one of the newest additions to their smart TV collection – and its already impressing thousands due to its featuring of the brightest LCD screen seen yet with a Sony television. Priced at $2,199.99 for the luxurious 65-inch television – it in on the more expensive side of things. Though the lacklustre black levels and the occasionally slow interface, this television has marked down points for this television.


The XBR-65X900F is another addition to Sony’s minimalistic aesthetic for their televisions. The screen is outlined with a thin, black metallic bezel with sharp angular corners that should be considered when finding a sport for your television. The TV features a sleek chrome accent aligned against the bottom bezel – which is lovely as it never catches the annoying glare that can ruin your viewing experience. The TV also stands on two grey metallic legs that perfectly match the accent, which will allow for the television to have support as long as it is placed on a stable and flat surface.

The power cable is attached to rear facing port, which will allow it to be hidden easily and avoid it becoming an issue for children and pets alike. All of the other ports are featured on the left side of the television. One being an HDMI port, two USB ports, and four 3.5mm connectors for multiple headphones/external audio and composite/component video in. The other ports hold an additional three more HDMI ports along with an area dedicated for antenna/cable connections.

The Sony XBR-65X900F

The remote that is included with the television is the typical thick and button-filled wand that has been seen with other Sony televisions. Its black, clunky, with a circular direction pad that is midsized. It featured a number pad over it along with the typical buttons for playback, volume, and channel selection below. An interesting addition is the Google Assistant feature on the remote, along with the microphone that aids in the usage for voice assistance on the television. On the interface, it allows for users to have an easy directional page dedicated to external viewing options, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play. Although clunky – the remote does feature an array of buttons and features that makes the television easier and smoother to use.

Final Thoughts

While the overall design of the Sony XBR-65X900F is extremely well-made, functional, and easy to use, there are small issues such as the occasional lagging of the user interface, usage with high-speed internet, and the slight picture quality degrades when the television is strung up against the wall. Plus, the price of the television seems a high especially considering it’s nothing that is overly spectacular interns of design and appearance. However, the excellent motion handling, bright HDR highlight, amazing picture quality, and the modern remote does make this television a unique. The Sony XBR-65X900F is perfect for any lovers of Sony that do not mind spending a pretty penny for an array of features that make watching television even more enjoyable.