Refresh your living space with 4 premium OLED TV models

Today, TV is not only a device to serve the entertainment needs merely, but also become an aesthetic highlight for the entire house. Meeting all technology and fashion elements, OLED TV has gradually shaped the high-end interior design trends.

In particular, the OLED TV models from LG with exquisite design, sharp images promise to create a harmonious combination, respect the beauty of the interior in particular and the living space in general.

LG Signature OLED W9 – beautiful “motion picture”
Possessing an ultra-thin design, the LG W9 OLED TV not only impresses users with its level of sophistication, but also becomes a beautiful moving picture thanks to Gallery mode. This mode allows the TV to show beautiful images of travel according to the 4 seasons of the year. Users can choose wallpaper themes via voice and images will be displayed with LG’s default background music, or custom music through LG Sound Sync application.

The ultra-slim design also makes this TV series suitable for any design style. From luxurious villas, high-class apartments to a neoclassical living room, LG Signature OLED W9 can combine harmoniously with the interior to create a beautiful overall, by minimizing the accessories such as speakers, cables … This TV currently owns a reference price of 220 million for the 65-inch model.

Penhouse “dreamed” with LG OLED TV E9
OLED E9 has a “floating” design philosophy, which is why interior creators prefer to choose modern style, especially for penhouse and garden houses. E9 decorative wall panels, whether simplified with stone, wood or green trees, still make viewers linger to watch and enjoy the inspiring interior space.

LG C9 OLED TV – the intersection of classic and modern
C9 is a special design in LG’s OLED TV series. This device can fit two completely opposite design styles, both turning the neoclassical interior space into a sharp, vibrant, and exalted elegance and nobility in modern style. The elegance in C9 design creates a balance with sophisticated details in neoclassical style. Meanwhile, the 2nd generation Alpha 9 intelligent image processor for the sharp images, wide viewing angles, true colors of this TV model makes the modern living room glow.

LG OLED B9 – European quality in the heart of the tropical
It would be a mistake not to mention LG’s B9 OLED TV model. B9 has a simple design but the beauty of simplicity is the inspiration for all creative inspiration. The flexible combination of elegant white cabinets and luxurious gray tones of sofa, curtains and wooden floors bring European breath to the living room. In particular, the ultra-thin LG OLED B9 TV will help balance the interior space, increasing the luxurious look for the room.