Sony Bravia X950G Series: the smart TV that all gamers should not miss


  • Direct LED with local dimming
  • Excellent motion handling


  • Poor sound quality
  • Lackluster black levels

Thanks to offering just enough visual panache to warrant its mid-range price point, the Sony Bravia X950G series hits the top spot between price and visual performance so that gamers won’t be disappointed by Sony’s mid-range marvel.

Unlike other TVs that usually use their inordinate brightness without discrimination, the X950G saves its peak brightness levels for the most intense HDR scenes. Therefore, games like Spider-Man on the PS4 Pro look so amazing while being displayed on it.

Smart TV (Android Oreo)

For both users, especially those are gaming fans, Android TV is a divisive operating system. There’s many people who may not mind the platform’s row-centric design any at all, while others can’t stand its unresponsiveness and sheer business.

However, there is a good news that Google has made some minor changes to make finding content a bit better, and Sony has worked on the hardware side making that content faster to access. As a result, compared to previous generation Sony smart TVs, the X950G performs up to 60% faster with key services such as Netflix and YouTube.

In addition, Android TV works with most of the biggest supported streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more.

HD/SDR Performance

The image quality of the X950G is natural and not flashy. It’s not overly bright with colors not oversaturated. According to Sony, its matching process helps the image look more realistic when it’s upscaled and can even sharpen fuzzy edges. This is a very heavy task, and the X950G can do it with aplomb.


Another good news is that Sony has provided various ways to get sound from the TV to an external sound system – either a soundbar or an AV receiver. The X950G is in the minority of screens that supports eARC, allowing users to pass Dolby Atmos sound to a soundbar or an AV receiver plugged into the TV… And you’ve got digital optical audio, built-in Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, and a 3.5mm jack that can pass audio signal to something else.

In conclusion, the X950G is a brilliant mid-priced 4K TVs that work well with Sony’s consoles. Thanks to its better processing, more brightness, improved motion performance, it provide high picture quality that humbles many more expensive TVs.