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Types of Smart TV for A Mordern Life

Smart devices like Android TV box, Smart television or Internet TV is the generic term that many people confuse them with each other and not be clearly distinguished. This article will clarify the specific role of these equipment.

Concept devices:
Smart TV is probably too familiar device with the user can understand the vomiting almost like a smartphone with a large image to experience the application. It can be said that this is the smart device that turns your TV’s access to many different applications.

The Android TV box– as its name- is a TV shredder that aims to make all the TVs, including older TVs, smarter, into a wide variety of applications. This is a device that helps your TV connected to the network and access more than 200 domestic and international channels.

Internet TV is also a TV that can connect to the network, can watch some applications available with limited memory, limited number of channels and TV applications. Internet TV consists of two types, the basic internet, which has only some applications that are not available for download.

Similarities between Android TV box, Smart TV and Internet TV
These three devices can connect to the internet to make the TV more modern and accessible to different applications. Depending on the type of application, the number of applications and the speed of access varies.

Their differences
Android box is a separate device to support TVs network access and applications, activities and separately purchased when the Smart TV and Internet TV is to be plugged and used directly with direct network connection. If you put these three devices on the balance sheet, it looks like the Android box and Smart TV is much more intelligent than the Internet TV in terms of the number of applications access, processing speed and usage level of the user. However, the purchase prices of these products also have the corresponding difference.

Older people and young children, they prefer to use Internet TV because it is easier to use, and more comfortable with the simple interface of this device, but for tech connoisseurs or want to learn how to use it. The new Android smartphone and smart TV seem more to experience all the latest features today.