The Best Home Theater Systems in 2020 (part 3)

Focal Chora 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos 

Focal Chora 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos is a high performing home theater setup. It will sound just as good for your two-channel stereo listening as you want to kick back and listen to some music. Focal’s Chora series is incredibly well designed to provide the realism unparalleled at the price point. With this package, the four-way floor standing speakers feature a Dolby Atmos speaker planted into the highest panel of the speaker. With a dedicated center channel and a pair of surround speakers which you can hang on the wall for a neat theater look, you will feel as if fighter planes are soaring over your head when you are watching the latest action movie. The system is completed with two 12” SVS PB-2000 ported subwoofers. These 12” monsters can create impressive bass response, and be quite refined with the 550-watt amplifier that keeps the subwoofer in check.

This Package Includes: Focal Chora Center Channel Speaker, 4 Focal Chora 826-D Floorstanding Speakers, 2 SVS PB-2000 Pro 12″ Subwoofers, and 2 Focal Chora Surround Speakers

Reg. Price: $9,158.00

Klipsch 7.2.2 Reference Premiere Home Theater System

These are two world-class, historic, audio pioneers: One famous for spectacular sound and beautiful cabinetry, the other known for best amplification and leading technology. Between them, two legends – Paul Klipsch and Saul Marantz, with more than 100-year experience, and each award in the book. Welcome to the best surround sound in the world. Dolby Atmos creates a layer of sound that hovers above the audience in different areas above them.

Although now most AV receivers come Dolby Atmos-enabled, a lot of consumers don’t add Dolby Atmos speakers. So, we have come up with an awesome and relatively affordable home theater that delivers on all fronts: right, left, center, rear, sides, below, and now, with Dolby Atmos, even in the air above.

This Package Includes: Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel Speaker, 2 Klipsch RP-8060FA Floor standing Speakers with Dolby Atmos, 2 Klipsch R-120SW 12″ Subwoofers, 2 Klipsch RP-502S Reference Premiere Surround Speaker Pairs, and Marantz SR7013 9.2-Channel AV Receiver.