Things Your Smart TV Can Do

Many times, people buy a smart TV since they are the newer ones on the market, but they do not know what the things your Smart TV can so. A smart TV is a combination of a computer and TV, and there are many things that it can offer you. Here are some you may not be aware of.

Live Feed Streaming

Live feeds can be some of the best videos on the Net these days, as you can see many things live as they happen such as a storm or the people traffic in Times Square in New York City. For smart TV’s that are compatible Ustream is a great application to have to stream videos live and for free as well. This app allows you to watch a lot of live videos from the around the world and it will not cost you a dime. There is also the Earthlapse app for Apple TV users, which allows users to check out views of the planet earth that are first hand from the International Space Station. From sporting events to live events around the world, live streaming is the way to watch them on your smart TV.

Browsing the Web

Obviously, your smart TV will have a bigger screen than your desktop computer and laptop, which is why it is popular for people to use an HDMI cable in order to browse the web. Hooking up this cable from your computer to your smart TV will allow you web browsing mirroring what your computer does but on your TV. Just look for the HDMI area on the smart TV using the remote control and then simply hook up the cable from TV to computer. There are a lot of smart TV’s on the market today that also has a built-in web browser to cruise the Internet, and there is no cable required. The connection time is quicker on a smaller computer, but you still are browsing on a much bigger screen.

No Need for Console

You can play video games using a smart TV, and you do not even need a console. There are games that you can download through apps directly onto a smart TV. No gaming console is needed and while you need to make adjustments, especially for more complex games, but you can play the games and not only that, again, the gaming action may be better with a bigger screen. There are also special streaming game services such as PlayStation Now, which can give the best gaming experience when using a smart TV.

The Rise of Social Media

Social media is HUGE these days whether it is Facebook or Twitter and the feeds are addictive for many people. Most of the major brands of smart TV’s now have applications specifically dedicated for social media platforms. This is especially the case for the bigger ones mentioned of Facebook and Twitter.
A few of the other things that you can do on your smart TV that you may not be aware of are using the many fitness options, always being on top of the weather, and listening to live FM radio feeds from around the world.