Two Best Sony TVs For Watching Sports

One of the key things you have to look before buying a smart TV for watching sports is its size. Then look for the screen with a high-frequency range, usually, a screen with at least 60hz is excellent and provides great performance for gaming and sports. Here we recommend two best Sony TVs for watching sports.

Sony X900F

The Sony X900F is the best 4K smart TV updated with new technologies and features. The Sony X900F has a high picture quality. This TV also has excellent motion handling so it is mainly recommended to use for watching sports, video games, TV shows, as well as for HDR Gaming. It also has full arrays of local dimming support and a high contrast ratio.

At HDR, the Sony X900F succeeds in producing bright, dynamic images. The processing of motion is also outstanding thanks to the fast response time along with the ability to flicker backlight to continuous motion.


  • Bright HDR highlights
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Deep and uniform blacks


  • Picture quality degrades at an angle

Sony Master Series A9F 4K TV

The Sony Master Series A9F 4K TV is the greatest OLED TV we have ever seen. It produces deep black levels and the image looks good and appears perfectly without any motion blur. It also has a very good response time which makes the best for users who like to watch sports and helps gamers to experience better motion handling. Its Android 8.0 smart platform is much faster than previous TVs of Sony.

The motion rate in Sony Master Series A9F 4K is good since the picture appears clear without any motion blur. This TV can be used for Sports, Video Games, HDR gaming, TV Shows, movies, and as a PC Monitor as well.


  • The image is accurate even when viewed at an angle
  • Near-instantaneous response time
  • Excellent dark room performance


  • Brightness is limited in white scenes
  • Could experience permanent burn-in